Graphic Designer

Interested in Fine Arts from a very early age, I received a classical training with focus on freehand drawing and painting during my high school years at the Liceo Artistico di Brera in Milano, Italy.

The first contact with Computer Graphics indeed inspired the subsequent evolution of my educational path. Fascinated in particular by 3D Graphics, I completed with full marks a Bachelor’s degree in 3D Computer Graphic at the European Institute of Design in Milano.

Over the years, I worked in a number of design firms, serving primarily as 3D Operator, Video Editor, and FX Artist, with emphasis on the development of graphical and video contents for commercials and television programs. In addition, I successfully developed my professional profile as an independent freelance web designer; in this respect my tools of the trade include CSS, HTML5, and Flash. Photography is my professional hobby, I also enjoy photoretouch and image reconstruction.

Born and raised in Milano, Italy, I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.
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