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Tamriel Maps project was born in 2006, under the name - a website constituted of a number of interactive maps developed with to support the players of the vidogame . quickly gained a very good reputation among the members of the gaming community. This success indeed motivated the subsequent evolution of the project. On 11-11-11, the lauch day of the - the second part of the saga, I also released my new website devoted to it: (Tamriel Maps). is characterized by a brand new set of maps, among which, of course, the new map of Skyrim, fully developed by making use of new tools, such as Google Maps API 3 and .

Novel functionalities added to the maps, for example the location search, indeed make the user experience smooth and effective. My Skyrim map has been nominated by the Google Map Mania website as “” in Spring 2012, it is ranked among the “”, and it is showcased in the of the official Google Fusion Tables website.

The latest phase of the project is represented by the development of a series of mobile apps presenting the maps of Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and Skyrim as a set of complementary tools to the main website. Currently, three Android and two iOS apps have been released; in particular, two are characterized by an interface specifically designed for Android tablets and iPad. These mobile apps have been fully developed by making use exclusively of , Google Maps API e Google Fusion Tables.

Tamriel Maps, Tamriel Maps Pro (USA), Skyrim Map, Skyrim Map HD (USA) Skyrim Map HD for Android

Dragon Maps and Dragon Maps HD for iOS

Skyrim Map HD, Tamriel Maps and Skyrim Map for Windows 8

Tamriel Maps and Skyrim Map for Windows Phone 8

Tamriel Maps, Skyrim Map, Skyrim Map HD from Amazon App Store

Skyrim Map, Tamriel Maps for Firefox OS

Dragon Maps on Apple App Store

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